It's official!

I'm officially a contributor at "good list daily". Hu-ZAH! I just posted my first posting there. I'm so stoked!!

Huzzah Friday!

by Jenipher on May 29, 2010 |

1. My first OFFICIAL good list posting!!!

2. It’s Friday! – Huzzah?!

3. I’m REALLY proud of myself today.

4. ^ Because i had to go to the clinic this morning.

5. ^ I had to get a shot in my foot and I did it!! – SO SO proud!!

6. Good [[blessing filled]] conversations with my friends at work.

7. The delicious apple i just ate.

8. My room mates. Two AWESOME guys!

9. I treated myself to dried dates today. They are delicious!

10. Aww 10 already? This weekend should be relaxing and fun.

Have a great [blessing filled] weekend ya’ll!