Clay Bodies and Beyond!!

Hello friends! I hope you're having a creative day!!

My very talented friend Rachel made this SUPER AWESOME piece ^^. Isn't it stellar!! I've known her for a year or two now and she invited me over to teach me the basics of clay.

For most of these we used clay molds [she's never used them so we both wanted to try] and pretty much jammed the clay into the molds and then created pieces for jewelry with them. There's a fancier, more efficient way to use molds, but since we were mostly just messing around, this is the way we "played".

I am really excited to show you some of the stellar creations i'm going to make with these gems. YAY! Next we have to bisque them, and then glaze them. So TBC folks!! :p

Thank you Rachel! Can't wait to hang out again soon!

Smiles and Blessings to YOU my friends!
Jenipher :)