Life's Happy Quotes

The happy and inspiring things my friends have said to me today..BEHOLD.

In a way. But, you're trying to fight it. Most people don't. You're one strong and inspiring little lady. - Georgia

I only give them because I like your art. You show me so many different things but none of them are ever the same. They all have their own flair and ideas you put into them. You think about your art and it shows. You don't just churn out variations of the same idea. - Torin, on how he's always so complimentary towards my art work.

I think you're pretty open minded. You take other people's view points and put them into action a lot more than other people I know. People usually ask for advice and still just do whatever THEY want to do.. - Georgia

I hope you have a splendid, creative weekend ya'll!!

Smiles and Blessings,