Eeek! I'm 26 now!

I am so so blessed!! I had SUCH a wonderful birthday. FINALLY!!! HUZZAH!!!! I can't say i hate birthdays anymore after this one. I spent hours with some of my closest friends in Orlando.

We had a vegetarian pot luck picnic [[sooo delicious!]] at "Big Tree Park" where one of the top 10, largest trees in America live!! We took 419 pictures!!

Next stop was the batting cages! Growing up i wanted to be a pro-baseball player and thank goodness i didn't, because i suuuuckkkk but not as horribly as my friend Torin. [[green shirt]] [ha! good thing he doesn't read my blog] ;)

It was great fun, really. I've been wanting to go for three years, and it was so stellar that i finally did!!

Next off to a Japanese Hibachi grill place called Kobe, where it's free for your birthday. So so good! I treated myself to a Pina Colada [which i didn't really like, lol] and tried both of my friends drinks [both icky!].

Then we went back to my place and read cheesy pick up lines and talked for a few hours. All and all, i had a gloriously fun birthday!! Thank you all so so so much! I am so lucky to have you all in my life! <3<3<3