Baldwin Park Art Show - Part II

I have more photos to share, and more reasons to be thankful about Baldwin Park Art Show. :)

This lovely lady is beyond a blessing!! She is a craft show SUPER HERO!! Seriously, i don't think that i could have done this show with out her. Thank you so so much Amanda! I sincerely appreciate it! I wish i could take you with me to all of my shows.

I'm so thankful that i don't have a pinpointed demographic. Women [and even men] of all ages enjoyed my jewelry at this show. It was incredible! My younger customer [no joke!] was four and my oldest..well i won't say. But either way, i am very thankful.

Courtney and Ana are super dooper and came to say hello both wearing smashing sunglasses courteous of Courtney's sunglasses collection.

My friend Cynthia came to visit and wander around the art show. Cynthia is a super talented artist, and can make anything beautiful [from plating food, to jewelry to scrap-booking, she's so talented!], and hopefully she will grace you with her talented endeavors online soon!

Thank you to all who attended the show, came by to say hello, gave me those positive affirmations and purchased from me. Without you, I wouldn't be able to continue Cherry Runway. :D

Smiles and Blessings,