One Year Ago [today]....

One year ago today [but really yesterday for the first image] we were doing this REALLY amazing series at my church called "Relent and Respond" where we learned to really evaluate the way we love ourselves, each other, our families, and learned to work with our communication and relationships.

It was a brilliant series and came with a note book to really jot down your thoughts, with questions.

You were supposed to join a team of people and discuss it with them. After the 2nd service, two of my closest friends and I went to this little "old people" diner across the street and had a great meal [Grilled Cheese! Fresh fries, salad] I tried Okra and "fruit cup" for the first time.

It really was a fun night.

Aqua Copper Necklace

I also suppose i started my "Copper Collection" series this week, one year ago. And this spiffy necklace/earring set came about!

Aqua Copper Earrings

Aqua Copper Set

SAVE $10.00!! :D [[huzzah!]] day, while creatively stricken, i decided to art journal for the VERY first time. This is what i was oh so thankful for, one year ago today...funny...some things never change, and some things you'll never write down again. Life is a crazy circus.