Baby Goals...

Okay heard it here first!

I figured to keep myself accountable i should blog my goals this week to stay on track...

Here goes..!

* Take pictures of the last two weeks nightly doodles and post them online.

* Put my "nightly doodle" greeting cards up on my etsy.

* Put up [[5]] new listings in my Runaway Cherries - my new supply etsy shop!!

* Make a new banner for my Runaway Cherries etsy shop.

* Catch up on some blogs and comment away. :D YAY! I'm SOOO far behind. Sorry folks!!

* Make a "signature" for my blog posts.

Eeek.. i suppose that's more. I'm visiting my family this weekend and should really get off the internets now. :D

Hope you all have a superb day!

Smiles and Blessings,