Help Haiti!

Everyone obviously knows what’s going on with Haiti at this point, and although it’s extremely devastating, my heart just wasn’t aching and I felt horrid about it.

Until last night.. When two guys [even younger then I am] spoke at my church. They had moved to Haiti last September after they raised enough money to open an orphanage and school on an island called Cabaret. After hearing they’re story, about the kids, and about how they handled the during and aftermath of the earthquake, my heart was hurting immensely.

Donating things is nice, but nothing can get into the country, and honestly, you never really know if the government would be giving it to them anyways, but I trust the non-profit organization these two guys started, and know they have a heart and passion for Haiti.

I want to help, and don’t have many funds right now to do so, but I DO have a semi-successful jewelry business. So right now, I would like to donate 50% of every sale to Lespwa Worldwide for at least a month. So, please, if you have any jewelry needs, or just want to donate, or want another creative outlet to donate, please consider this!

I would greatly appreciate if you send this to anyone
you think would be interested. Thank you so much!