Girls Art Day!

Some lovely craft lady folk came over last weekend to have a crafting day! Twas quite fun. We had delicious food, painted and a had a relaxing Saturday.

We decided to have a painting exchange. We all started a piece and then switched and switched until all 5 of helped create the final painting. It was a really cool idea and i hope we get to do it again soon!

We all set up shop in my stellar bed room and crafted for hours, listened to some good tunes, ate junk food and chatted.

We are at a really yummy organic, vegan, cafe in Orlando called Dandelion. Seriously! They have AMAZING food. I've never had a bad meal there. :D

A perdy image of our friend Amanda at Starbucks.

Playing "pass the painting" is actually a pretty neat activity. Highly recommended. :D It's really hard to start a piece of art and then ship it off to someone to finish. But it's good healthy challenge, i'd love to do again.

All and all it was a perdy stellar day. A day we're going to have MORE often right ladies? Like every month!!! :D [i hope!]