Time is stagnantly passing by....

The photo is from Timothy's Gallery in Winter Park. I couldn't believe how much of my jewelry was there right now [although, i SHOULD know since i bring it there] alas it still amazed me

It's been a really hard month. Scratch that. This YEAR has been really hard. The season in both the nature-al aspect and the the life aspect are both changing at once. The nature part, i am trying to embrace, since the weather has been lovely here in Florida...

The life aspect has been much more challenging. 2009 has been a crazy emotional year and just when i think i am starting to gain momentum, i seem to fall backwards again.

I get these little spurts of mini-ambitions and then lose all interest and motivation to do all that much. Which is very unlike the Jen of 2008. I don't know how to gain my footing again, or what i need to do to figure things out, or what i am supposed to be doing in general.

Didn't i already have my quarter life crisis? This is ridiculous! What do you all do to stay inspired? How do you push away the icky feelings and keep on truckin? Advice??

Hmm..This post is really a bummer I leave you with a trace of something beautiful.


This flower was blooming to happily NOT to take a moment and photograph it. :)