Who hasn't seen "500 Days of Summer"? If you haven't PLEASE DO SOON! It was such a well written, artistic, wonderful, thought provoking movie, and i highly recommend it. It also romanced the glorious IKEA, the theme park of home decor. (Thanks Carissa!)

In Orlando, if you visit IKEA before 10am, you get free breakfast! Sweet deal! So, my friends and I partook in the food-age, and walked around admiring all the fun rooms i hope to one day emulate in my own home. :)


The eggs and potatoes were free, bacon too (bleh) and we brought Swedish pancakes with lingonberry sauce. It wasn't so shabby. I mean, how can i complain getting free breakfast?


When you do visit, make sure you get the lingonberry juice from the fountain. It's A-MAZING! Much better then the concentrate they sell or the juice boxes either. :)

I still have some friends who have not visited IKEA, you know who you are, and we are going soon!!

PS: Does anyone know how to post videos on blogs? I can't figure it out! :(