Jen and ze Mountian.

So my first day Brian took me to see the stars on the street, took me out to eat, blah de blah.. Then he said "Hey, want to go for a hike?" Me, being the least athletic gal in the world figured hike just meant walking around the woods or something. No biggie. So i through on my old sneakers with no tread and some shorts and off we went.

ha ha ha ha. sooo not a little walk in the woods!


In the first 15 minutes i stepped on what i thought was a rock, but was cleverly deceived by a mound of sand and started to tumble down the mountain. Brian had to literally pull me back up by my tank top.


Going up, i realized JUST how out of shape i was. And while it took the little 60 year old Mexican man with his ski polls under an hour, we were still drudging up for an additional 30 minutes.


Going up was a beautiful relief and an amazing view. Goodness gracious, look at it!! ..until i realized now we had to go back down...


Brian literally walked down the whole mountain backwards, which took about an hour, holding my hands so i didn't DIE!! It was one of the most terrifying experiences.

I am SO not cut out for this. Yet...i kind of want to try again. One day.

Oh yeah! And we got to see a hummingbird!! That was cool too. :)