Bad bad blogger and the snail ring!!

And here i thought i was going to be THE BEST BLOGGER since i returned from California. I mean, i had SO MUCH to share right? But then life gets in the way, and you cut your toe open and the meds made you sick and your soooo tired from the crutches and...what? Not your life? Oh! Just mine!! Phooey!

Anyways, there is much i shall share, but tonight i'll just take it easy and show you my FAVORITE thing i purchased while at Renegade.

If you really know me, you'll understand why i am SO VERY excited about this purchase.

Snail ring!!

I've been looking for a special "Jen Ring" for a few months now, and i was holding out until i found one that completely struck my fancy. It's been a long journey finding this ring but thanks for the lovely Christine from Chocolate and Steel, i finally found it!!

I <3 snails oh so much! So much to the point that when there are snails in the present, i kind of lose track of time and need to be reminded that we errands to run and a life to live.

Snail ring!!

This ring has made me a very happy camper. It symbolizes a lot for me, and has especially made me smile every two days when i have to take another trip to the clinic. :)

Make sure you check out Christine's web shop! She really is a very talented jewelry designer!!