Fair's of World Trades. Days.

I've been a horrid little blogger, but this was MORE then worthy of blogging about.

I was a part of the "World Fair Trade" day last month. There are dozens of yummy vegan food vendors, artsits, and musicians. Customers on the other hand, were quite few and far between, but a bunch of my favorite people came to visit me. AND all of the sales i had were to people who either already knew of my work, or already had some of my pieces. IT. WAS. AWESOME. !



This was the first show that i not only did the whole display BUT did it confidently and had fun while creating it! Yay!


This lady has done just about EVERY single show with me since i started doing them three years ago, she also just moved away. The next show, without her, will be a very sad day. :(


After the art show, my friend Camilo and I went to the House of Blues to see Saves the Day. They were stellar!