Creative Endevors..

“With each project I begin I’m reminded of the importance of listening, of appreciating and taking advantage of all the creative, dynamic and wonderfully bizarre people in my life. And like any good listener, I know it’s my duty to share this wealth of influence with others. “ - Ashley Olsen via Jeremy.


The worlds getting in the way of my blogging and creativity again..but I'm so inspired right now by others it's ridiculous! Here's my crafty and exciting goals for right now...

* Make shrinky dinks with friends tonight!

* Work on my etsy and new jewels tomorrow morning with a friend at Panera.

* Have a crafty evening inspired by Rachel's creative journal class on Saturday with a my friend Nikki.

* Meet up with a bunch of crafty local artists on Monday night!

PS: Does anyone know how to make the font on blogspot pretty colors? I saw it done before on another blog but don't know how.