Organizational Unbalanced Creativity.

Pinky and the Green

Today's creative endeavor (or four days ago..) I found an inspirational book called "A Charming Exchange" which is an INCREDIBLE book folks! It's by Kelly Snelling and Ruth Rae and it's kind of like a challenge in jewelry form. Groups of women all start, send, finish and create gorgeous jewelry. It's so inspiring, and i wish one day i could do something like it. Alas...

Pinky and the Green

CHALLENGE ONE: To get out of my box i would love to make A-symmetrical earrings. generally my brain doesn't work like that.

CHALLENGE TWO: To only use what's inside of THIS container. *

Messy Bowl O' Potenetial

Pink and Green and Red..oh my!

RESULT: I not only made a pair of earrings, which i think kind came out very fun, BUT i made a matching necklace. Yay!!

*I start a million projects at once and get over whelmed, then never clean up, so said box is a mix match of leftovers and never was...

Soul Flower

Soul Flower challenges as you can read from the "Pinky and the Green" earrings" was taken a bit further when i found all these pieces in the bucket as well.

So awesome! I LOVE this necklace. :)