Did i say jewelry..i mean NECKLACE!!


I, Jenipher Lyn, have created my FIRST piece of jewelry (a necklace) for the FIRST time in just about THREE years, Just. For. Me. You heard it here first, Jenipher the work-aholic, took time out to create FOR FUN! (Those who know me, i know your gasping..this is a HUGE success!)


Pretty Color Scheme.

I was inspired by the ultimately inspiring Margot Potter, who wrote a truly fascinating book "Beyond the Beads". This is a color combination from her book, and i came home and made something with the colors in the image. Alas..i show you a piece i called creatively called "Margot". :)


I'm so excited by it! AND the images came out wonderful!

PS: If you are an artist and don't already know about Margot Potter, PLEASE do yourself a favor and click on any of the links above. She will inspire you dearly! :)