Hark! A new stage!

These past few weeks have been such a blessing, and such a gratifying growing experience. I'm in THE best place I've ever been in, in my short 25 years. I have finally come to a place where i am confident and comfortable; with my true age, with my progress of my business, with myself. I finally learned that i don't need a man or a successful (ie: money making) business to make me happy. I deserve to be happy without those things. I finally learned that i do enjoy making jewelry, and although i hope to grow with my skills, I'm satisfied with my Cherry Runway jewels for now. Jewelry making is finally enjoyable again, and it's nice not to feel stressed about my show on Saturday.

Oh, yeah, you Orlando Folk, come to my (our) show on Saturday at Dandelion Cafe on Colonial. It's called World Fair Trade Day!

I Heart Rollarblading ha, now where have you seen THIS picture before?

I've been roller-blading every day for the last few weeks (with a couple exceptions when i staying over at peoples houses) which is a feat I'm quite proud of! Especially those mornings i realllly didn't want to go skating at 7:30 in the morning. I have still been consistent and have enjoyed it so. (ok, with the exception of yesterday.. lol)

Okay..I'm through with my mushy feelings.