I'm thankful!

On the Spark blog, Margot challenged us to take pictures of things we're thankful for. This was actually a very fulfilling task, and i enjoyed it very much. I guess i am feeling much better, because as always, mine were all food items. Ha.

I'm thankful for..

Top Left:
I made eggs for myself for one of the first times. "He" made eggs so well. It's TIME i make myself some stellar eggs.

Top Right: I treated myself with one of my all time favorite sandwiches. And you know what? I'm going to do it more often.

Bottom Left: Jeremiah's is THE spot you have to visit when you come to Orlando. Coming into town? I'll take you there!

Bottom Right
: I haven't been to the farmers market in SEVEN weeks! It was such a lovely experience this morning. :)

I have been doing better, thank goodness, and i really feel like the worse is FINALLY going to be over. So, on the to next! I am really looking forward to what life has for me. But, I'm ready to par take! and create!