Custom Thanks.

These past few weeks..okay..SIX weeks, i haven't made ANY jewelry at all. I finally have tons of time and freedom, but I just couldn't focus. So, thank goodness for these two custom orders!! They motivated me to start beading again.

So BEHOLD! My first pieces in absolutely ages!!

Jason's bracelet

Arizona^- Zee Inspiration

My customer and Twitter friend, Jason, was inspired by my "Arizona" necklace and wanted to create a bracelet for a friend. I really like how the bracelet turned out. I really enjoy this color combination.

Angie's Necklace

Angie had an antique butterfly pendant with a beautiful Amethyst stone set into it. I think the lilac freshwater pearls made this necklace very feminine, easy to wear.

I have a few other custom orders i've been making, and it's been helping me come up with some new creations!