These are a few of my favorite things...

A few of my favorite things...

a) Saving lives during the day, and creating during the evenings, EMT Sweeetie makes intricate, yet delicate greeting cards.

b)Sadly, there aren't many items on the "Lucky Little Dot" page. But what does have are really cute. I can't wait to see the rest of her collection!

c) I can't say much about the amazing work of Sarah Jane that most of you wouldn't already know. Just when you think she's make the sweetest little print you've ever scene, a few days later, there's another on her site that takes your breath away.

d) Lindsay from "dot dot dot"makes really cute cards, wall hangings and wreaths. I was captivated by her sweet style last year, and have been intrigued since.

e) Holly from "Gollybard" makes really unique prints. Make sure to also check out her other shop too called "The Beehive Press".

f) I am a sucker for color. And these awesomely colorful bags and wallets from Lusitania were lovely for the eyes.