From Joon To You..

As i mentioned yesterday Joon from Flying Housewife posted a treasury including my "Mission Possible" necklace. I've been reading her blog and checking out her Etsy ever since. Joon is a house wife that creates handwritten letters. Her theroy is that everyone enjoys getting letters. And, i'm sure she's right. :)



Below, Joon explains it must better then I could.

"I have this dream of taking a leisurely trip around our country. Along the way I will meet and chat with people. On a park bench. In the local hardware store. Perhaps in line at the post office or standing at a street corner waiting for a green light. People from all walks of life with life experiences to share. That would be heavenly. And I'd write a book and share the stories with the world. But, I cannot do that right now. Maybe not ever. So, I am starting here. Making connections, shortening the distance with words on paper. And on a smaller scale.

This listing is for one handwritten letter, from the heart, from me to you*. Each letter is individual and I could never describe it ahead of time, however, here are some general guidelines:

I will hand write the letter in ink and include one fine art postcard from my collection along with a clipping, small handmade paper art or similar fine art related enclosure. {It's a surprise.}"


She sounds really intriging doesn't she? So, head over the Joon's etsy page, enjoy her fun sense of humor, and read about her themed letters.