Holiday Ho-Down!!

It's been a pretty busy time right now, which is funny considering how little I'm actually working at a job these days. In the last two months i went from working 45-50 hour weeks to working less then 30 hours. Last year at this time i was consumed by work, this year I'm begging for hours. It's incredible. I know I'm obviously not the only one struggling with this, and should consider myself lucky since i still have at least one of my two jobs, but its still scary.


Regardless, i still had a VERY nice Thanksgiving. I spent it with my lovely boyfriend, and his fab family. Their TG was quite different from my own. I never had a very big family, and our "family things" never lasted very long, so this was a new experience for me.

christmas holiday

Riley's mom gifted us with a Christmas tree at Thanksgiving, and we set up last Satuday. Isn't it pretty? We sure think so. So much, that we had a fun photo shoot that night.

Hope your having a nifty holiday season!