Sanford - Alive After 5

Thanks to everyone who came out, chatted with me and enjoyed my jewelry last night! I had a brilliant time, and met some wonderful people!!

To those of you who came back more then once, even bringing other people to show them something you loved, i really appreciate it. It makes me so happy that everyone is enjoying my work.

To the Lugo's - who prolly don't read this, but Dan does...i loved seeing you! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

Sigh...good times. Good times.

------And now for the laughs of the evening--------

A lady came up to my booth and shouted "oh my gosh! your so cute!" then looked at Riley and said "Oh my gosh, so are you!! You two are going to have such beautiful babies!"


Another wonderful lady named Tammy gave Riley and I advice for a happy, lasting marriage. Today was definitely the night for advice.