Happy Birthday Riley!!


Last Sunday was Riley's birthday. It was a wonderful full day of activity, laughter and no stress on my part! (which is quite a feat in itself!) We woke up and went to church, then headed to see Wall-E. The movie was really cute, i recommend it to anyone who likes a sweet animation. It's actually quite cool that the movie had barely any actual talking it in, but still managed to show so much emotion. {and the fact, that it's about emotional robots}.

After the movie, we killed time at our favorite store. Barnes and Noble. Sigh...we can spend hours at bookstores. i love them! Kobe Steakhouse is a Asian place that does hibachi at the table and they offer $15.00 off on your birthday so we headed there next. They put on a little show while they cook your food and give you a whooole plate full. {I had enough to eat to be full and two days of left overs!} It's a fun place. Tis highly recommend.

We came home and went running, and then, sadly, the day was over. It was a great day though. Hope your weekend was brilliant as well!!