Sweet, Awe-Inspired Cards...

I came across Erin from Noulou Cards and Paper's work ages ago. Her work captivated me right away, for I, just like Erin herself, enjoy "child like" imagery. Once i got to chatting with her, i realized how sweet and wonderful she was, which makes me love her work even more!! Enjoy this wonderful interview from a very talented lady. :)

I am IN LOVE with these wedding invitations. I want them....one day. :)


I have been drawing for as long as I can remember, spending many a night in my bedroom growing up, drawing the scenes from the back of Disney movie cases. I still have them all in a folder, and one is even hanging in my little girl's room!

I used to LOVE play dough, and I've more recently tried out shaping little ornaments and figures out of clay. I would love to learn to sew someday, and try out different printmaking techniques. And I really should try to start making scrapbooks for my kids, I suppose!



Most of my work has a noticeable "childlike" quality, which I guess is due to the many children that have overtaken my family in the past couple of years. (My sister will soon have four, and then there is my two!) I really enjoy observing the people and places around me, and all things from nature. Lately, I've also really been enjoying all things French...so I guess I like nature, with a little bit of fancy!

Following the birth of my daughter, I had a difficult time with leaving her to return to the "work force". So, with the help of an incredibly supportive family, I was able to pursue a career from home doing something I truly loved. Plus, with a rapidly growing family, someones got to do all of those birthday invitations, right!

Learning how to manage all of the financial aspects of a small business has proved very difficult for me, as I am a total right brainier! Luckily I know a wonderful accountant, who has been of a tremendous help.

I'm afraid it's not too exciting, but... if you found your way to Baton Rouge, I would recommend visits to The Red Stick Farmers Market on Saturday morning, Sushi Yama for lunch (the best sushi by far around here!), the quad at LSU (to lay on a bench under the shady trees), and a craw fish boil at my aunts house (because you just have to in South Louisiana).




Check out her shoppe, see her other creations are be awed. :)