Balloons!!! AND other things i've tired....


I just learned how to blow up a balloon. It only took me 24 years.


To celebrate that success, i then blew up about 120 other balloons. But, i got to use a balloon pump. Lucky Me! It only took me four hours. For six hours after that i ripped up dunage (newspaper print) How many people can say they were paid to rip up paper?

None i know. :)

Along with this wonderful new addition to my "i like/i've tried"...

* Green Peppers
* Snow Peas
* Pears (bleh)
* Walnuts
* Shepards Pie (the Riley "vegetarian" way)
* Paper Mache (how have i never done this??)

Hmm...i'm sure there are more. This is all for me though. What have you tried/learned recently??

Let me know.