What I have learned...

Actually, i have learned an abundance of things. Today particularly, i am learning about being random. Or "Irregularly" is what we're calling it at work. Did you know it actually takes WAY more planning to create irregularly then it does to just create with structure. You need to not only consider the actual composition, but the shape, negative space and color as well. It is RACKING my brain, but it a wonderful wonderful way.

I can't show you quite yet what i've been working on, but for now i can show you what Riley and I have learned in the kitchen.


My wonderful boyfriend who once stated he was going to cook dinner because i was in a frenzy, had his keys in his hands, and was prepared to slip out the door unnoticed. When I came downstairs and asked him where he was going, he said he didn't know what to do in the kitchen. A couple weeks later, he and I are visiting my family and cooking with my Great Aunt Kiki. (That really should say GREAT!!! because she is one of my favorite people in the world.


She taught him how to make her infamous chicken nuggets. The Italian Way.


Don't they look perdy? Even I think so!! (how strange...)


She taught me to cook Italian Pasta Fagioli. [pasta and bean soup]

Twas a great time, and it taught us to cook some new things that aren't that expensive to make. (always a good thing!!)