Better Late Then Not At All.

I've been an absolute blogging slacker. There has been much going on in my non-internet based reality and it's been quite overwhellming. In the past month or so since i've blogged i have enjoyed;

* A lovely birthday.
* A fun birthday party.
* A wonderful boyfriend.
* Meeting his family. eek!
* Two visits home. [including tonight]
* Being at my dad's 49th dinner party.
* Sick relitives.

[okay so i didn't enjoy this, in fact, it's killing me]

I'm sure there are more things, but right now i'm kind of cloudy minded, so i can't remember. This week i was happily asked to do Visual again at Antro for the next two weeks. This week i have...

* Been reaquiented with the evil 8 ft ladder.
* Made two sale signs that are on the sales floor.
* Leanred how to water ferns.
* Helped make and paint two wheel barrows for displays.

Next week, i'm helping make the new window displays. That shall be fun. Until then, Riley and I are driving back home to visit my Grandpa in the hospital. If your reading this, try and keep him in your thoughts, he's not doing very well. :(

Have a wonderful weekend blog land folk!

Over and Out.