On The Bright Side...

In the last three days i've been incredibly motivated. I wanted to bring at least 10 new items to the gallery so i had a fuller looking collection during the 49th Winter Park Art Show. We are going to have a TON of foot traffic this coming weekend and im hoping to make some sales.



On Monday, not only did i make 7 pairs of earrings, but i cooked two meals, and made enough as lunch for the rest of the week. I finished two necklaces that were ordered, got the parcel ready, wrote three thank you notes, and drove to the post office. I also loaded the dishwasher and took images of all the earrings. All of this before 12:45! Go Me!

This week is a long work week. Here is the run down.

March 7th; 10:45 - 7:15
March 8th; 8 - 5pm
March 9th; 11:45 - 5:15 (asked if i could make jewelry) (worked on jewelry until Midnight)
March 10th; 1 - 10pm
March 11th; 8 - 5pm (i'm seriously not used to these 5:30am wake ups anymore)
March 12th; 10 - 7pm (had to bring jewelry to Tim's at 9)
March 13th; 11 - 7pm
March 14th; 10:45 - 7:15
March 15th; YAY!!! DAY OFF!!! Off to the Art Show for me! :)

My best accomplishment by far though; I have only had junk food ONCE since March 5th. AMAZING! 11 days!!! Woo hoo! :) If you know me, then you'd know this is an amazing accompliment for me.

Tea Time Tensha

Sunflower Lily

The only other thing on my mind is that my birthday is coming up really soon, and I'm not really happy about it. No, not because i don't want to get older. That's inevitable. I hate birthdays. They bring such expectations of a nice day. I always take off work, and end up thinking that i would have had a better day at work, earning a salary instead. This year it looks like i'll be spending the day alone, which I suppose that's kind of sad. (Unless, your coming home Dan!!!) (Okay, i know your not) :( At least i have community group to look forward to later that evening. :)