Lookie What I've Done. :)

I am way over due for some good quality blogging. There is so much, yet not enough to blog about it. There has been one topic i have been meaning to write for days now. On March 19th of last year, i came back from Eleuthera, Bahamas. I was doing mission work there, building houses, and trying a large abyss of new things. This trip opened me up to try so many new things when returning home. It helped me concur soooo many fears. Just deciding to go on the trip alone, with the circumstances i was suffering at the time, was a HUGH accomplishment in itself...but below is a wonderful list of other accomplishments that have taken place this past year since my arrival back to the states just one year ago.


While in the Bahamas I....
* I SLEPT!- i know this doesn't seem huge, but BELIEVE me, this was HUGH!
* Used a nail gun
* Talked to the community of Eleuthera
* Roofing
* Took walks and climbed on dagger sharp rock mountains
* Went up and down scary big ladder
* Read ALL of Steven, and part of Acts, the Old Testament and Matthew
* Cleaned trash in bug filled bushes
* Played softball with community and hit the ball!
* Learned how to perfect the "Navy Shower"
* Appreciated every moment
* Laid in the hammock, in the dark, by myself.
* Went for walks in the woods at night
* Prayed out loud, over the food for dinner
* Started to want to try anything i was scared of to see if i could do it
* Ate tuna noodle casserole
* Trusted my team
* Did mention sleeping yet?? ;)
* Tried conch and grouper
* Ate "meaty rice"
* Went for a walk on algae covered rocks, while trying not to slide off.
* Propeller plane to and from Eleuthera
* Had the chance to be vulnerable.

Other Accomplishments from March 2007 - March 2008

Food I've Tried - Yes folks, I've only recently tried all of these glorious foods

* Peanuts of many kinds
* Peanut M&M's
* Tomatoes
* Cold cheese - until now I've only had grilled cheese
* Spinach
* Black Beans
* Scallops
* Plantains
* Sword Fish
* ALCOHOL - ha, never thought that would happen
* Milk in tea
* More white foods....
* Yogurt
* Soy sausage - blehh
* Squash
* Zucchini
* Olives
* Feta Cheese
* Cranberries
* Apples
* Blueberries
* Peanut Butter - okay so i tried this more then a year ago, but not very much longer.
* Strawberries - icky
* Cranberries
* Raspberries
* An abyss of dried fruit -mmm
* Tuna Fish
* Oranges - nope
* Mandarin Oranges
* Lima Beans

Things i've accomplished while doing Visual Sales at Anthropologie

* Worked my A off and not only stayed on after Holidays but was asked to do VS
* Used a staple gun
* Used a drill
* Leaned to carry an 8 foot ladder
* Leaned to plant and take care of flowers

I'm sure there are plenty more i could add to this list. Since my trip, i've been less fearful in general, and more willing to try new things. It's amazing. I was the most fearful person i knew. I'm not saying I'm not fearful now, but even just the small changes i have seen in myself are miraculous.