Day Off = Vacation

This past Holiday season i was working like a mad women. At least 50-60 hours a week, i would drive from job to job and felt like clasping every minute i had free. I saw no friends and did nothing else but work and try to calm down. This past Monday i had my 1st REAL full day off, and boy did it feel like a vacation! Better then a vacation.

Monday was my perfect day. :)


It was really chilly, and i did try to roller blade, but only made it for 10 minutes. It was a gorgeous day though, and i was quite thankful for it.

Oh Honey! You'll LOVE this tea!

I went over to my favorite place! Infusion Tea, it's the most serene place, and i got a TON of work done while there. They are a sweet tea shop, with brilliant food and even better service! They have THE BEST cookies [see below] and they are hands down, my favorite guilty pleasure.

THE best cookie!


My mom came up to see me a couple days prior and took me out for a swanky lunch. This is my leftovers. Aren't these the prettiest leftover's you've ever seen? Crab stuffed shrimp, three-cheese risotto, roasted asparagus, and a stuffed olive. The restaurant we went to was a cute little place called "Hot Olives" in Winter Park. I highly recommend it. It's quaint and the food is wonderful!



I came home from the tea house, and did more work, listened to Brian's podcast, and waited for Courtney to come over.


Courtney is one of those brilliant people you have to wait in line to finally hang out with. I would keep waiting, because she is a great person, a fun friend to hang out with, and shares my passion for going on walks. She is also a photo junkie, which helps bring out my creative side photographicly.


All in all, i had a most pleasent day, i can't wait to have another one!! :) Hello Monday!