Parties for Grandma's!!

Grandma Party is an event usually held early in the year. It's for local artists to self their handmade crafty items, and hopefully get some great exposure. Last April was my 1st Grandma Party and i honestly had no expectations to sell anything. I did wonderfully. This year, i had slightly higher expectations but i was a lot more prepared and organized. Although it was a rocky start, i did quite well, and for that i am very grateful.

I recieved great feedback too! So many people gave me AMAZING encouragement, which is brilliant! One girl even said i had the best quality, another said my jewelry was one in it's kind, that no one had anything similar to mine. Thanks for all your kind words folks! I appreciate them!


It's driving me crazy that i can't post my table picture, so above is the "fitted" version, and below is the real size one. :) My friend Devan made my Cherry Runway sign. Isn't it stellar!!!! She is amazing! She also made the cream colored boards my jewelry is on, but that might be hard to see.


I had the two coolest helpers a gal could ask for. Lindsey is great at talking with people and helping me convince them they need some Cherry Runway jewels, and Riley tried to help one poor slightly tipsy guy that if he gave a random girl a necklace maybe he'd get a girlfriend. :) Seriously, though, they were super awesome and supportive and great company.




This is the flyer for this year's Grandma Party. To my amusement, there actually were quite a few Grandma's wandering about this time.