Ugly Cupcake?? Nah!! If it tastes good, so there are no ugly cupcakes.

I'm feeling kind of down tonight. I don't feel like i have anything to feel down about, so I'd like to celebrate the life i was given. Nothing says more about celebrating life then baking, so i want to share the wonderful cupcakes i made with my friend. What started off as "just making some cupcakes" turned into a 6 hour baking fest to make cupcakes for her son and our friends and co-workers. I never realized how soothing it was to decorate cupcakes, i highly recommend it!!




I'm not quite sure how Martha isn't the size of a sumo wrestler, because her "creepy brownies" had 6 sticks of butter in them!!! They tasted wonderful, as long as your the kind of person who also eats pure sugar crystals with a spoon.


These are the cupcakes i made for my friends. I think i did a perdy dern good job for my 1st
time decorating baked goods.


All and all, it was a wonderful, and much needed, relaxing evening with good food and company. For that, i am quite thankful. :)