Angels = Happy + Healthy?

"Little Guys" Angels.

My mom has been quite sick and i've been wanting to get her something. Eariler this week, these "Little Guys" arrived and i KNEW i had my perfect present. What better present to...present..(haha) to someone that is ill is better then angels? These cute clay creations are done by Cindy Pacileo. She is a master in clay. Also make sure you check out her "Women of Peace". They are breathtaking, and i can't even imagine how so much detail can be made in a 4" figureine. I'm stoked to have her as a new artist at Timothy's.

Cindy Pacileo's "Little Guys" -
Check out her website! :)




I gave these lovely pieces of jewelry to a boss and co-worker of an old job. My co-worked jumped up for joy and told the customer how excited she was about the necklace. I don't know if my boss is back from her vacation or if she (likes) the earrings. Let's hope so!