Beautiful Grace


Somedays I ponder where are the brilliant and wonderful people are in this world? Often, I'm confused and curious, awaiting the good in others. Some days though...some special days, people walk in briefly in my world and I'm taken aback at their generosity.

I wore this gorgeous skirt to work yesterday...i love it, it's artwork in itself, and i feel so pretty wearing it. I try not to own to many art piece outfits due to my abundance of klutziness. I trip and fall on nothing at least once a day, and for some reason when working in the gallery in this skirt, the invisible rocks on the floor trip me dozens of times in one shift. The world fall though was yesterday. I completely fell down on the ground and ripped off at least 6 of those pretty little flowers. I was beyond devastated. I must have looked as awful as i instantly felt, because a customer came over to me to tell me it wasn't a big deal, that if she had a sewing box she'd help me and that all it took was a simple stitch to put it back together.

Now...whoever said artists who work with their hands can dabble in anything obviously didn't know me, since i CAN'T sew! I've tried and tried and I'm just no good at it, so i said the only thing that came to mind. "If i had a sewing kit, would you help me?" She said yes, and 15 mins later, this women sat on the ground of the gallery and fixed my skirt. It was just awesome! I was amazed that random people, potential customers in my gallery, can be so gracious. I am very thankful!!