Rejoice in the Un-Rejoiceable!

I just got rejected by two galleries!! whoo hooo!


Alright, so that's not something that should be celebrated. BUT at least they didn't just throw my work out. They looked at, maybe even considered it, and then wrote or called to tell me they aren't interested. On the bright side, i know they recieved it, i know they looked at it. Hopefully, they might have even liked it, they just didn't think it would
sell at their gallery.

I only have about 47 more rejections to go, i feel like an actor being told my monolouge isn't quite sub-par. Maybe that's why so many artists are getting agensts, because this is like acting. I am rehearsing, (by practicing my jewelry skills) and am trying to proceed in this business (by sending my catalog to galleries across America). So, my outcome will be just like any other actors trials and tribulations. I have to wait out the storm of rejectsions and hope that someone will accept me and my work.

Please, cross your fingers that one of those 47 galleries accepts me.

^^ My friend William painted that amazing painting!