Thinking about the tomorrow of yesteday.

I've come to the conclusion that i spend way to much time just "waiting". Waiting for tomorrow or until I'm done with this project, for someone to come meet me, for food to cook, traffic lights, until work is over, blah blah blah. It's completely endless. We all just spend so much time concentrating on our next step, that many of times, we miss out on the present.

Honestly, "right now" isn't extremely exciting, and not much to live for. I feel trapt,
overwhelmed most days because right now, isn't where i feel i should be. I feel like my "right nows" are preparing for my "soon to be's" and I'll tell you what?

It's an endless battle...there will always be something to look forward to in the future, now i just have to figure out how to love every minute of the current life I've been given.. because one shall never know how long the waiting game shall be.