Thank Goodness for Fun.

It's been a really hard couple of months. But days like yesterday are magical, recharging you, making you bright eyed and bushy tailed again. It started off as a wonderful day.... I had breakfast with my family, watched TV with my mom and then saw my friend Brian. He showed me the Channel 7 news station (that's where he works), we got lost going on an adventure and he took me to a Mexican restaurant. (I've never really had Mexican food). It was by far, some of the best food I've eaten in a while.

Jen Helicopter.

The Tv Station was uber intimidating, way to many buttons, way to many video tapes and a beautiful bed of water behind the studio. This H is where the Fox helicopter lands when it comes back to the station.


There is one satellite for each channel they are receiving. I think. These are a couple of them.

BK scores!

Brian and I went to game works to kill off his game card and thought it kind of sucked. The old school games were quite awesome though, and although i can't remember the name of this game, he did a stellar job making high score.

THE BEST Mexican Food.

I told Brian I'd never really had Mexican food and he knew exactly where to take me. Paquito's Mexican Restaurant is in Miami and by far the THE best food! I had a vegetarian combo.

The picture sucks BUT let me tell you that when a picky eater tells you a place is wonderful, you have to try it!

Paquitos Decor.

After Brian's i went to go to my Aunt's house to see her again before i went back to Orlando. Twas a very nice day. :)