Regular Gals Life.

My future? Thank Goodness!

I've been having some problems right now with my future. It's been on my mind day and night.

I had this old fortune cookie and went to open it today and it was so stale it just opened completely without breaking. This was the messege that was inside.

A sign perhaps?


Pasta and vegetables is my signature dish. My friends come over and want me to make my pesto flavored pasta. they've even asked me for the recipe, which i think is funny, since there is not much to it. Pesto, some garlic, oregano and good fresh cheese. But shh.. don't tell them that.

Grape Pie.

I bought these unique grapes called Champagne grapes a while back and when i found them again i was so excited i bought two bins of them. Sadly, they were awful!! They were sooo sour, and uneatable. But...what are you supposed to do with two hugh boxes of grapes? My co-worker suggested i make a pie out of them. So i went home and whipped up a grape pie.

For future reference, never bother making a grape pie. It just doesn't work. It was a calorie filled pie shell with sour grapes on top. At least it posed for a picture.