Excitment in business land!!

It's been a mighty exciting month for Cherry Runway and myself thus far, and we're only 1/2 way throughout the month!!

After visiting a nifty shabby chic vintage store called "The Gathering" in College Park a few weeks ago, i was approched by the owner to put my jewelry in her store. I brought her 20 pieces of Cherry Runway charm bracelets and matching earrings. She LOVED them, thankfully, (and even put one on after she saw it) and i'm crossing my fingers they will sell.

Artsy Fartsy Necklace
Kitchen Charm

After a couple of successful trips to South Florida, (and getting really really lost) i approched a really cool"vintagy" store i love to take on my line. Luckily, before i dropped off my charm bracelets at "The Gathering", i had some tucked into my portfolio and they loved them! My Cherry Runway line of jewelry is now proudly in an amazingly boutique called "Jezebel".

Jezelbel's have been in business in Fort Lauderdale for over 15 years. They specialize in vintage clothing, and carry the most outrageous lines of gifts, candles, cards, books. It's a super awesome store, that you MUST check out if your ever in South Florida.

Blissful Bracelet

Happy Joy Joy Bracelet

So, right now, i'm doing alright. While i was away, my co-workers sold another two pieces from my Jenipher Lyn line, so now i've offically sold 25 pieces at Timothy's. I'm stoked!! I really can't believe it. It's so scary approching these amazing stores and galleries, but when i find out that all these people really like my jewelry (weather they want it or not) it makes me feel awesome! Cross you fingers, pray and just think good thoughts, i'm truly hoping that by the holidays i'll be invited to be in a few more stores.

Thank you all for reading! If you want to see more images of my work, click on the jewelry above and it will lead you to the flickr account where more of my new line lies. :)