Phew, the show is over!

So...after much stress, and re-stress, the Fashion Show is finally over. And honestly, it really wasn't worthy of the stress it caused. But alas, i learned that you can't rely on just anyone, and some days your just have to figure out that you can rely on selected friends to pull through for you. All us gals had a fun time, it was stellar watching all my girls get their hair and makeup done, and we got to take a bunch of cute pictures. Sadly, pictures are all i have to show for the show, but at least it's something. I learned a lot about having a Fashion Show, and learned many tidbits that i wouldn't do for my own. Here are some pictures from the show, if you would like to see more, click them, and you will get to my flickr account.

Alchemy is a cute and edgy hair salon in Orlando. They were a talented group of women, and all of the gals in the show looked just awesome!! Jaime, a hair dresser their, helped with three of my gals hair and she was just so nice and patient. If you want an interesting, edgy style, check out: If anything, just check out their funky website, it's quite entertainting.

Amanda was our makeup artist, not only did all the girls look beautiful, but she was very sweet. Be sure to checkout her makeup line!

Getting their hairs did.

Tatame Fashion Show


ALSO! The start of my website is up and running.

I have to ffgiure out if this is the site i want o proceed preparing for, or if i should consider a different homepage for the future. Let me know what you think!!! And look forward to a full working, shopping carting website in September!!