Eps. 47 - Kyle Sheele: How Public Speaking & Cardboard can CHANGE the world!

Kyle Scheele is an inspiring author, speaker, and cardboarder (trust me, it's interesting!) who has challenged tens of thousands of students across the nation to build a better world.

In this episode we chat about:

- Becoming a professional speaker.

- Storytelling.

- Organizing said stories.

- Finding a Mentor.

- Finding YOUR "right way" to learn.

- The Art of Cardboarding.


I also want to mention that Kyle really is incredible at just keeping the conversation going. He had a cough AND I think we lost connection at some point too, and just hopped right back into what he was saying. It was impressive!

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Eps. 46 - Introverts UNITE! with author/illustrator, Katie Vaz.

* I apologize if you already heard me talk about my birth story! This episode was actually recorded before my birth episode was finished! lol *

In this episode of Rainy Day Diaries is Katie Vaz! She’s an encouraging illustrator, author and a graphic designer. She’s also a fellow Introvert! Introverts unite!!! (I think I should make that a pin!) lol

Katie and I discuss her newest book, The Escape Manual for Introverts which is hilarious and honest, and not only do I love the book, but my son has taken to it so much and even kissed one of the characters yesterday. lol

Katie and I also discuss self care, the crazy ride we call artist life, and how change is FREAKING SCARY! There’s a lot of talk of adjusting to adulthood AND motherhood, dealing with anxiety, and lots of vulnerable sacredness.

Lastly we discuss WHY taking a break is SO needed, how we shouldn’t feel guilty for following for not following the beaten path, and how instagram can become a place of anxiety and not inspiration.

I realize this is A LOT of topics not all related, but I promise you, this episode is sweet and sincere and I’m sure you’ll relate to some of it, if not lots of it! lol

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Eps. 45 - Emily Arrow Discusses Children's Books, Mindfulness + Productivity!

Music + Books = Perfection!

In this episode of Rainy Day Dairies, I have Emily Arrow as my guest. She's an award winning musician, a productivity junkie, and a children's book author. But my favorite thing of all is that she writes songs all about children's books! Emily creates music and books for young people. With her ukulele named Bow in hand, Emily’s mindful approach fosters a love for the arts at home and in the classroom!

In this episode we discuss our favorite planners, Peter Reynolds' amazing book, The Dot, and how music can change a kiddo's life! We also gush about our ukulele journeys.

I've been a fan of Emily Arrow for quite some time! She is just as joyful "IRL" aka video chat as she is on Instagram! I hope you enjoy this week's episode!

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Eps. 44 - Cereal Your Way to a Better Day!!

Cereal Your Way to a Better Day!! Yay! #rhymes

In this quick PEP TALK episode of Rainy Day Diaries, I share a breakfast time revelation!! This episode will hopefully inspire you to have a more relaxing & inspiring morning.

Be sure to Say HELLO on Instagram! and tell me how YOU changed your morning for the better!

What in the WORLD are all these dated photos??
You’ll know after you listen to the episode! ;)



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Eps. 43 - Lets Talk about Infertility!! (with Kristin Hinrichs!!)

*Trigger Warning: In this episode we talk openly about miscarriages and infertility and IVF.*

On this episode of Rainy Day Diaries, we're talking about INFERTILITY!

Infertility (like mental wellness) is one of those topics that seem taboo to talk about. So today we're here to change that!! My guest, Kristin Hinrichs and I are going to openly talk about her journey with infertility. And about all the different paths she’s taken on her journey towards becoming a mom.

12% of women (and men!) in the US are dealing with infertility right now, which means that you most likely know quite a few women around you who have dealt with a fertility journey.

And I bet most of those people are lonely and need a hug, so hopefully after you listen to this episode, you will go hug them!!

Isn’t this a gorgeous shot of Kristin and I making our own headbands in 2008? lol


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Eps. 41 - Mati Rose - Starting a painting career at 30, & how “Zoloft changed my brain waves!"

This episode of Rainy Day Diaries is a JOY! I will be honest and say I had a few crappy work days, but decided to edit Mati's episode while I worked and INSTANTLY felt better. She's just delightful!

We cover such an array of topics in this episode such as when it's a "right" time to take meds for your horrible anxiety, how she started a painting career in her 30's and now travels around the world to lead workshops! (someone PLEASE go to Morocco for me in November!)

We also talk about copyright infringement, learning new skills (let's all make JAM!) & licensing your artwork.

Make sure to stay tuned till the end to hear us talk about how LIBERATING opening up about mental health and anxiety is!!!!


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Eps. 40 - Pelicans helped me have a baby! aka: My Birth Story!

*Fun Warning! I do talk about inducing labor and pregnancy in general. I also talk heavily about anxiety in this episode*

In this episode of Rainy Day Diaries, I share openly about my pregnancy and birth story. I share about HOW BAD my anxiety was, how mean other mothers can be, and the most important part.... that there is NO “one” birth or pregnancy story, EVER!!! And that's okay. If yours doesn't look or feel like what you see in movies or television, that's okay!! We are all different and our bodies are different. AND if you're feeling incredibly ANXIOUS about the thoughts of even being a parent or if you're cut our for this, that's okay too! I was right there with you!!

Also... learn about WHY Pelicans helped me give birth! Hooray!

Double also… forgive me! I am NOT a doctor, so if I explain any medical stuff wrong, sorry! My bad! lol


PS: YOU get to listen to hear me awkwardly talk about how to induce labor! Whoo Hoo! Lucky you!! <3 ;)


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Eps. 39 - How to get the MOST out of a conference. (even when you're introverted!)

* So... during this episode of Rainy Day Diaries, the gardener decided to come! Wee!! So please excuse a little noise here and there, I tired my best to edit most of it out. ;) *

Todd Parr is an award-winning Children's Book Author (and illustrator!) He has authored more than 50 books for kids that have been translated into 15 languages! Four of which were published just this year! (which in book land, is just CRAZY PANTS unheard of!)

Many of his books are about hard situations like losing a loved one, feeling different & why being unique is awesome. Which is obviously up my alley!

I was super stoked to have Todd on the podcast. We talk about how he got started in this crazy book journey, why we need kindness in this world, & how not knowing what you're doing can help you get to where you want to go!

If you're an aspiring children's illustrator, this episode will inspire you by the serendipitous way Todd started his career. From books to working with incredible brands like FAO Schwartz & Sesame Street! (ahh!)

Even if you're not an illustrator, you'll love Todd's exuberant spirit!



- Dealing with Dyslexia.
- Going outside the box.
- Dealing with people who don't understand you.
- Serendipity.
- Partnering with incredible companies who believe in your mission.

Look how COOL this window display is!!


Head to Todd’s: Website I Instagram I Facebook I His books! to see all his beautiful work & inspiring books! The one below is MY favorite!



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Eps. 33 - Taylor Lee discusses Bipolar Disorder & how painting has changed her life.

** Content Warning: This episode includes mentions of eating disorders & anxiety disorders**

**Warning: We are FAST talkers! You might want to set your speed back a smidge. Sorry! <3

I'm so excited to share today's episode with painter and mental wellness advocate, Taylor Lee!

Taylor is an incredibly passionate painter who uses who's her mental illness as a catapult to grow not only her business but her outlook on life as well!

She uses her bipolar disorder as an important component in her creative process. She sees the world through the ever twisting kaleidoscope of mania, experiencing extreme periods of high energy regularly as a result of bipolar disorder. Still, Taylor finds ways to bring the reality of a stigmatized mental illness into a celebratory light, creating paintings that are buzzing with energy, movement, and loud colors.

Listen in as we discuss learning how to communicate in marriage when you're struggling with mental illness, overcoming a battle with anorexia and the amazing ways to grow your business by following your dreams!

A Few Fun Topics:

Taylor’s * Instagram * Website *

This episode is sponsored by "Find Your Rainbow" !!


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Eps. 31 - Guy Kopsumbut: From Passive Income to Finding Contentedness in Life. (& lots of laughs)

**Warning: We are FAST talkers! You might want to set your speed back a smidge. Sorry! <3

**Warning: We are FAST talkers! You might want to set your speed back a smidge. Sorry! <3

This episode is brought to you by friendship!

Guy Kopsumbut aka 4am Showers is an encouraging comic artist, & all around stellar guy! His goal in life is to make other people smile by creating adorable, uplifting comics.

Rainy Day Diaries guest, [Lauren Lowen ](https://jenipherlyn.com/blog/6) (episode 6!) introduced me to Guy last year, and I couldn't be more excited to have him on the show!

In this episode, Guy talks about everything from growing his social media following (He has over 200k on Instagram!!) & passive income streams to finding contented in life.

A Few Fun Topics:

  • How to manage passive income streams.

  • How to make your Patreon page awesome!

  • Social Anxiety!

  • Where the name 4amShower came from!

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