Exciting Changes ahead!!!

I have something exciting and scary to share with you..

but first a story...

Yougotthis2 copy.jpg

Growing up I was basically told I was too dumb to be in the "regular" classes. So i got lumped with the slacker rich kids who just didn't give a crap and you know what? It made me just give up and not give one single crap either.

(Not that i cared that much anyways lol but still...)
Fast forward life and I *still* felt like the dumb kid who can't learn new things. (i literally did NOT know i wasn't an idiot until i was 25, i even wrote about it in my book)
But this year, life has to change, my business has to change, and I've decided to start an encouraging podcast to discuss mental wellness, imperfection and failure/getting back up and holy CRAP i have never researched this much. For ANYTHING as I have for this podcast and gosh DARNIT, i WILL start this freaking podcast if it .... makes me eat dozens of cookies.
So... this leads me to YOU, dear friends! 


I'd really love your opinions on what you'd like to hear about, or if there's certain topics you feel aren't freely discussed! Or of any guests you'd like for me to interview! :)

Feel free to comment below with any suggestions! <3
Love, Jenipher