Eps. 41 - Mati Rose - Starting a painting career at 30, & how “Zoloft changed my brain waves!"

This episode of Rainy Day Diaries is a JOY! I will be honest and say I had a few crappy work days, but decided to edit Mati's episode while I worked and INSTANTLY felt better. She's just delightful!

We cover such an array of topics in this episode such as when it's a "right" time to take meds for your horrible anxiety, how she started a painting career in her 30's and now travels around the world to lead workshops! (someone PLEASE go to Morocco for me in November!)

We also talk about copyright infringement, learning new skills (let's all make JAM!) & licensing your artwork.

Make sure to stay tuned till the end to hear us talk about how LIBERATING opening up about mental health and anxiety is!!!!


Music: Cute uke tune by Scott Homes.