Eps. 12 - Jessie Olsen talks following her dreams & beating an eating disorder!

* Content Warning: Discussions of eating disorders.

* Content Warning: Discussions of eating disorders.

In this episode of Rainy Day Diaries, Jessie and I talk about everything from unicorns to following your dreams, and oddly enough, bond over our recoveries of our eating disorders.  

In this talk we discover how someone with a hardcore eating disorder can simultaneously have a business around dessert recipe development. 

A few fun Topics: 
-  Believing in Miracles. 
-  Creating the perfect job based on all of your favorite things.
-  How Jessie managed a business ALL about baking WHILE struggling with an eating          disorder.


You can Find Jessie here:
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Now I will say... since I've talked to Jessie, she has changed directions in her business, but stay tuned on her website and Instagram to keep up to date with what she has up her delicious sleeve next!! :) 


Website: www.jenipherlyn.com/podcast

Music: Cute uke tune by Scott Homes.